Refund Policy

  The refund of the premium paid shall be governed by the following terms:

1. The customer has paid the premium and the same has been received by us but not deposited to the insurance company, then we shall refund the premium amount to the customer after deducting the bank charges and service charges. The service charges shall be 1% of the premium amount (inclusive of GST) subject to a minimum of Rs. 50/-. We shall have the sole discretion to levy or waive the service charge to the customer. The refund amount shall be credited to the same credit card / debit card of the customer which he/she/it has used for making the payment. Under no circumstances the payment shall be made to any other credit / debit card of the customer or paid by cash. We shall at out sole discretion and at the request of the customer make the payment by check / demand draft to the customer and send by courier / post at the name and address registered with us. The same shall be intimated to the customer by email / sms  to the cell number as registered with us.

2. Incase the premium has been deposited with an insurance company; the refund policy shall be governed by the terms and conditions of refund of the insurance company. The refund amount if any, shall be paid directly by the insurance company to the insured.     

3. Incase the customer seeks refund after issuance of the insurance policy (ies), the refund amount shall be governed by the policy terms and conditions. The refund amount, if any shall be paid directly by the insurance company to the customer.

 REFUND INTIMATION     The customer shall intimate his/her/its intention for refund by email to us quoting the transaction reference no, the amount paid, date of payment. On receipt of the intimation we shall process the refund status and intimate the same to the customer by email.